Workshop: Functional Web Programming with the SAFE Stack Part 1/2

Want to see do to take your knowledge of F# from “Hello world” up to an F# web application running in the cloud? This fun and engaging workshop will show you how! We’ll start with building a web service using Saturn, a functional web framework which lets you write idiomatic F# web services running on top of ASP.NET Core. After that we’ll go onto build a web application running in the web browser, written in F# and compiled over to JavaScript with the Fable compiler. We’ll also then deploy it up into the cloud with Azure. You’ll end up having seen how easy it is to create end-to-end, standards compliant web applications written almost entirely in F# that play nicely with both .NET Core and the JavaScript worlds.

This workshop will expose you to all elements of the SAFE stack and the F# development ecosystem, allowing you to build full stack cloud ready web applications entirely in F#. You’ll get to see:

  • Writing ASP .NET Core Web APIs with Saturn
  • F# in the browser with Fable
  • Functional UI design with the Elmish architecture
  • Deployment to the cloud with Azure

If you want to attend this workshop you’ll need a few things:

  • A laptop running macOS, Linux or Windows
  • An F# editor such as VS Code with Ionide, Rider or VS2017/19
  • A .NET core installation
  • Node.js
  • Yarn
  • If you’re on macOS or Linux, you’ll also need Mono installed to run some of the tooling

You can read up on the pre-reqs here: