There’s an Imposter in this room!

Do you ever feel like you’re not as talented or as successful as others? Do you feel that you have tricked others into believing that you are more capable or knowledgeable than you are? I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone in these feelings and that you are a highly successful person who is impacted by Imposter Syndrome. Using my own experiences, I will be helping you to take off your imposter mask and break out of the imposter syndrome cycle.

This session starts will begin by defining what Imposter Syndrome is through a short presentation, before discussing case studies and my own personal experiences, to demonstrate the different types of Imposter you may find in society. I will be discussing how the Imposter Syndrome behaviours are damaging, both physically and mentally, and how it can interfere with success.
The second half of the session will be dedicated to giving practical advice on how to identify if you are an Imposter, how to overcome the feeling of being an Imposter, and how-to identify unhelpful Imposter behaviours.