The Rise of Klintwalker – Mastering Your Inner Developer Part 2

There is no manual in life. On the one hand that is scary, but on the other it also means you can play by your own rules. In the past 20 years of moving between four continents, one marriage, one divorce, one clone, running three businesses, working as a software developer, freelancer, classic car dealer and guide in Africa, I have somehow come out on the other side.

Digesting what life throws at you and knowing what to focus on, what to disregard and what to burn with fire is hard. Really hard. And if you have ambitions of being more, doing more, giving more, it ads another layer of complexity that is even harder to manage.

In this talk I share all of the nuggets of wisdom, advise and learnings from success, failure and amazing opportunities I have had come my way. Learn from my mistakes and then make them your own…nah, just kidding. I want you to succeed and this hour might just be the mint in your mojito, the pineapple on your pizza or whatever it is you need in life to push you further.