Society (n+1).0: smashing the patriarchy and other ways of changing the world

Software engineers are fond of casually mentioning how their work changes the world. But have you thought about what you want the world to look like after you've changed it? Do you want to smash the patriarchy [1]? Save the planet? Make Furbies cool again? Is technology really the only tool at your disposal?

This session is a call to both discovery and action. You already care about Furbies, but what do you not know you don't know about them? Have you looked at Furbies from someone else's perspective? Once your eyes are wide open, what's the next step? How would a Furby smash the patriarchy? Let's learn to be better together, and make a difference in the world today.

Footnote 1: Our system of society norms which puts everyone in boxes that are hard to escape [2]. The boxes surrounding straight white men can be extremely comfortable ones, but more limiting than you might realize.

Footnote 2: Furbies are pretty easy to get out of boxes; humans, not so much.