Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1: Debugging - A dive into Breakpoints - Philip Sutton

In Visual Studio there is more to breakpoints than just setting basic breakpoints. In this talk I will go through the different type of breakpoints

Talk 2: Using cats to purfect your software architecture - Andy Clarke

What have cats got to tell us about Software Architecture? Well, most people are roughly familiar with cats, their boundaries and their input/output mechanisms. It turns out it’s very easy to see when a use case has gone wrong when using a cat. We’ll take a look at some typical cat use cases and see what lessons we can take back software architecture.

Join me for an irreverent look at Coupling and Cohesion, Aggregate Roots and the Point of Highest Abstraction … all using the medium of cats.
Talk 3: Lean, not mean. Building sustainable software with Lean software practices - David James

In this session I will explain how some simple Lean Software Development principles can be used as high level markers to help drive up quality, sustainability, motivation and success in all software projects.
Based originally on Lean manufacturing processes, Lean software development can help any team re-focus on whats important.
I will work through the high level principles of Lean software development, explaining how they help and how they can be applied.
The goal of this session is to help software developers be able to identify practical ways in which they can improve their software development process.
It sounds dry, but its incredibly self-reflective and fun.