Lightning Talks

Lightning talks (approx 10-15 minutes each)

Talk 1 - Help! My co-worker is autistic !? - Dennie Declercq
So you are working as developer or DevOp in a company and you have to work with a co-worker with autism? Or worse, you are a leader or team leader with autistic workers? No problem! People with autism aren’t that hard to handle, there are worse problems, like people who doesn’t understand autism. To work with people with autism there’s an auti-manual. If you discovered the manual then you can get the most of them! People with autism are by example to the point, and have are hard workers! And who will learn you the manual? Of course a developer with autism, who else can do it better?


Talk 2 - How thanking people can lead to a better culture - Jim Bennett
Think back to the last time you said "Thank you" to someone. Not the thanks you might give when someone holds a door or passes the salt, but a genuine, heartfelt thanks. It felt good, didn't it!

As it turns out there is actually a bit of science behind this - thanking people has a chemical affect similar to falling in love. If you can build a workplace culture of thanks, you can actually make people fall in love with their job.

This lightning talk investigates thanks through a case study of a company in New Zealand that decided to take thanks from a biweekly meeting held by one team, to a company wide culture change that led to a happier workplace for everyone.


Talk 3 - I love learning from people! - Bryan Hogan
I've been podcasting for four years and I love making every single episode. I talk to people from around the world about what they love doing, and share this with everyone.

Most people you meet love to talk about topics that interest them and with the right questions they will tell you everything they know.

In just ten short minutes I'm going to share some of what I've learned about how you can learn from others - how to ask questions, how to listen, how to encourage, when to disagree, when to interrupt and when to stay quiet.


Talk 4 - Developers - the Last Bastion of Defence - Tanja Lichtensteiger
A lightning talk exploring the thought that Developers as the last bastion of Defence on what decisions are made to change our world. As tech will shape all our futures, the decisions developers make to implement or not implement features are becoming increasingly important. Their opinions and voices matter, as they are the engineers of the next generation's environment. The next generation may not know any differently as they grow in that environment and we, the developers today have to make those decisions which span philosophical and ethical boundaries. Do you write the code that may potentially take advantage of the vulnerable, or do you stand up for what you believe is right. An individual developer may not feel that she has the power to push back, but allied with many developers, their beliefs can sway company strategy and make vital decisions for how we all live our lives in the future.