Infrastructure as TypeScript

For almost a decade "Infrastructure as Code" has been a DevOps buzzword - but the myriad tools in share a dirty little secret... there's no actual code! Few people like "programming" YAML or JSON (even the human-friendly variants!), and even fewer like having to reverse-engineer ways to apply known good development practices to tools which resist it at all cost.

So, what if things were different,and programming infrastructure was more like real programming, with real programming languages like TypeScript? What if you defined Lambda functions by actually writing lambdas, created abstractions using complex types, and could take advantage of existing tools for modularity, linting, refactoring and testing?

Enter Pulumi, an open-source deployment engine which enables all these things using TypeScript, Python or Go!

In this talk, we'll look at how you can write TypeScript code using Pulumi to provision traditional cloud infrastructure, manage Kubernetes and build portable "serverless" applications - all with minimal YAML in sight! We'll look at deploying to multiple regions of the same cloud, and how to build abstractions allowing multi-cloud to be a reality.