Talk: Inclusive Design Series: How to stop worrying and love accessible forms

Ah, forms – they’re the best and worst of all online experiences. When done well, you have a delightful interactive experience that makes you feel all warm inside. When done poorly, you shout at your computer and wonder if maybe it’s just impossible to design something simple and elegant, intuitive and engaging. These experiences are magnified for people with disabilities, both the good and the bad. So, how do you make more usable, accessible forms online? Come learn how!

In this talk, we’ll work through the visual design, interaction design, and front-end development considerations when building an accessible form. With hands-on demonstrations and usable samples. Use these recommendations, and this may be the one NDC session that increases your customer base more than anything else you do. You’ll leave knowing how to make forms more accessible and usable… for every one of us.

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