Talk: Inclusive Design Series: Empowering your teams through automated accessibility testing

So, most of the time, people start with accessibility testing by running a tool. That’s okay, except… you’ll often find yourself working too hard and getting too little for results that you can actually use. When developing an accessibility testing strategy, it’s important to understand what tools and techniques to use at what point in your digital lifecycle. Learn about the most valuable areas of your site or application that will provide the most cost-effective testing results.

In this mini-workshop, you’ll learn the benefits of automated testing, manual review, technical testing, user task flow analysis, and usability testing to measure the accessibility of your site or application. After we’re done, you’ll leave with an initial framework of automated testing scripts, recommended process, and insider tips on how to leverage automated testing with all the things that will streamline accessibility into your project workflow.

Following this workshop will be a 20 min group discussion.