Talk: Going Solo: A Blueprint for Working for Yourself

Have you been thinking about going out on your own as a “hired gun”, or maybe building that Amazing Thing that could keep you happily solvent for the rest of your life? Most developers have considered going out on their own at some point, but only a few are daring enough to try. Even fewer actually succeed for one simple reason: they lack a solid plan.

In this talk I’ll share with you what I have done over my 25 year career: the good things and the bad. Far from inspirational arm waving, I’ll get into the details, discussing things such as which professional services you absolutely must have (lawyer, CPA, etc), how to pay yourself with payroll and how to keep solid books. I’ll discuss the simplest way to structure your business so your accountant doesn’t hate you at the end of the year, and the best ways to sell your stuff online should you choose to do so (and you should!).

I’ll discuss client management as well. Handling the toxic clients that think its fun to withhold payment at the last minute as they demand things from you, and how to ensure that your golden clients remain golden with you atop their list of hired guns.

From writing books and making videos to getting paid $350 an hour to triage a broken ASP.NET application - there is work out there, and it pays well. You simply need a plan and a way to put yourself in the way of opportunity.