Empowering Soft Skills with Team Dynamics/Communication Skills (Software/Engineering Team/Projects)

This is ideal for individuals who work in a group setting and who have Teams working in the areas of Engineering, Programming, and DevOps.

•This concept has proven SOUND and EFFICIENT in regards to producing advanced degrees of SUCCESS in the areas of administration performance and TEAM-ROLE awareness.

•This lecture is designed to enhance the characteristics of a PHP team and allow them to be cross-efficient and well-informed of frameworks and sufficient-enough to the sense where they can offer all essential skillsets.

•My approach derives from my experience as an adjunct professor (psychology & group dynamics) and experience as an interrogator/profiler and hostage negotiator. My proficiency with said skills has allowed me to assemble a METHOD, which will INTEGRATE your TEAM sectors.

•The lecture/ is aimed at offering Development teams’ novel methods for applying agendas for the publication of a new variety of team projects.

•My RESEARCH and practice will assist companies, organizations, and groups by merging psychology in consort with Active Listening Skills (ALS), which will result in an ACCELERATED-advance technique, devised to build rapport as well as enhanced recruiting methods.

•The lecture/ is designed to bring out individuals exceptional communication and administrative abilities and skills to function efficiently as an element of a team.