Build cross-platform mobile apps using Fabulous

In recent years there has been a shift in the way websites and mobile apps are being built - moving to architectures with immutable models and virtual UIs - based on the MVU (model-view-update) pattern. This has lead to great new frameworks like ELM and React for web, and ReactNative for mobile.

Now there is a new MVU framework for building mobile apps - Fabulous. It's a community-driven open source framework, combining the simplicity of an MVU framework, with 100% native API access for both iOS and Android, all built with using an established, world class, battle-hardened functional programming language.

This session will start with an overview of MVU, discussing how it works and why it is such a great architecture. It will then move on to building your first Fabulous app that runs on iOS and Android. Next up more features will be added to the app whilst the app is running on a device, showing the hot reload capabilities of Fabulous for both UI and app logic. Finally it will look at the underlying architecture, see how to use all of the iOS and Android APIs, see how to easily use native components such as cocoa pods or jars, and look at the massive range of libraries that this framework as available to it to do all manner of UI and application logic things. We'll even see how to use it on macOS and Windows, including being able to build iOS apps on Windows (with the help of a networked Mac, Apple licensing rules and whatnot).

When looking at naming for this framework, someone suggested Fabulous. By the end of this session you will see why that name stuck.