Suzie Gray

Suzie Gray B.AR.D

Like all people, I wear many hats – some of them collect dust on a shelf, to be used in a Mr Benn-esque way should it be needed. Two things, however, have stuck: writing and games.

As a gamer, I started at 6 with the Mega Drive/Genesis- playing Streets of Rage, Sonic 1/2/3 and Knuckles, Street Fighter etc. going to the N64 days where it took up a lot of my childhood – to the present day!

For writing – I studied it at BA, MA and PhD. I wanted to be a writer around 6 years old (it must have been a busy year). I’ve loved writing plays, short stories, poems and novellas!

As a programmer – it’s been on and off since I was teaching myself QBasic at 9.

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