Nigel Parker

Nigel Parker Chief Engineer @ Microsoft

Twitter @nzigel

Nigel is the chief engineer for Microsoft Commercial Software Engineering in Asia. In this role Nigel works with a group of talented engineers across the region that seeks out ways to code with developers to help them solve their hard problems. Nigel has been at Microsoft for 12 years starting his journey in New Zealand. Prior to Microsoft Nigel had broad experience in start-ups and system integrators building and launching software and service based products locally and globally. During his time at Microsoft he has led strategic change with developers, government agencies, start-ups, top websites and media companies.

Nigel is not driven by technology, he is driven by the impact that technology can have on people’s lives. His experiments around using technology to improve his personal health have been widely documented. As technology evolves we have to stop thinking of the ICT industry as a group of stereotypical “geeks” and start recognising it for what it is, an opportunity for creative and expressive developers of all races and genders to be at the forefront of the transformation to a world where everything will be available as a service and a plethora of interesting, creative jobs will emerge covering all industries from reinventing personal health, to the way that we interact with each other, to how we make things and get things done.

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