Loris Cro

Loris Cro Developer Advocate @ Redis Labs

Twitter @croloris

Loris is a full-stack developer that went from working on Bioinformatics and Criminology in academia, to being a consultant for fintech startups, and now he works as Developer Advocate for Redis Labs.

While from Italy, his love for pizza is trumped by his love for elegant (but practical!) solutions to problems, which, arguably, pizza is one, and he likes to rant about the full spectrum of the developer’s daily life, from language features, to design patterns, up to stand-up etiquette.

In terms of programming he has extensive experience in writing data analysis pipelines in Python, and high-performance concurrent code in Go and C#.
His highest .NET-related achievement is taking part to a project that was recognized as finalist for the 2018 Microsoft Open Source Applications & Infrastructure Award.

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