Evelina Gabasova

Evelina Gabasova Research Data Scientist

Twitter @@evelgab

Evelina is a data scientist and a machine learning researcher, passionate about making data science understandable and accessible to everyone. She works as a Senior Research Data Scientist in The Alan Turing Institute, the British national institute for data science.

She originally started as a programmer but got interested in machine learning early on and did a mathematics PhD at the University of Cambridge. During her PhD, she worked on probabilistic models for getting insights from complex biomedical datasets. After that she worked in cancer research helping biologists analyse genomic data. At the Alan Turing Institute, she works on connecting cutting-edge machine learning research with practical applications to real world problems.

Outside of data science, she is also an avid speaker at developer conferences and she got awarded the Microsoft MVP award for her work in the F# community.

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