The NDC London Agenda Committee

The people behind the NDC London 2019 agenda.

Dylan Beattie

Dylan Beattie is a systems architect and software developer. He's been building interactive web applications on the Microsoft stack since the days of Windows NT 4. Today his main interests are HTTP APIs, user experience design, and distributed systems. Dylan lives and works in London and when he's not writing code he plays guitar and writes songs about code.

Evelina Gabasova

Evelina is a data scientist and a machine learning researcher, passionate about making data science understandable and accessible to everyone. She works as a Senior Research Data Scientist in The Alan Turing Institute, the British national institute for data science. She originally started as a programmer but got interested in machine learning early on and did a mathematics PhD at the University of Cambridge.

Chris O'Dell

Chris has been developing software with Microsoft technologies for nearly fourteen years. She currently works at Monzo helping to build the future of banking. She has led teams delivering highly available Web APIs, distributed systems and cloud based services. She has also led teams developing internal build and deployment tooling using the unconventional mix of .Net codebases on AWS infrastructure. Chris has spoken, written books, and organised conferences on Continuous Delivery.

Mathew McLoughlin

Mathew McLoughlin is an independent consultant from the North of England specialising in DDD, CQRS and Event Sourcing. He has been working in software for the past 12 years for a variety of different companies, often responsible for the implementing architecture. He has presented at multiple conferences around the globe and is an active member in the open source community.

Martin Thwaites

Martin is the VP of Engineering @ MAG-O, the Online arm of Manchester Airport Group. He runs the engineering function, delivering applications that serve over 25 million users a year, from Websites to Physical. Avid follower of open source, and clean coding principles, with a passion for dashboarding and data visualisation. Pushing DevOps (as a culture, not a role) wherever he goes.

Liam Westley

Liam Westley is an Application Architect at Huddle where he works with some of the best .Net developers and UX designers to deliver world class collaboration software. He quite likes working just on the edge of The City as there is some fantastic food and coffee to be had within a few minutes walk.

Mark Rendle

Mark is the founder of RendleLabs, which is really just him playing with .NET Core, Docker, Azure, microservices and so on and then teaching other people about it and helping them build clean, stable, scalable solutions. He's been getting paid to do what he loves for nearly 30 years now, and still worries that somebody's going to notice and make him stop.

Kjersti Sandberg

Kjersti Sandberg is the founder of ProgramUtvikling AS, and has organized the NDC Conference from the very beginning. Her daily job is with the professional areas of sale, marketing and business development. Here role within this year`s agenda committee has been to liaise with speakers and present good ideas.

Jakob Bradford

Jakob is the general manager of the NDC conferences. His role in the committee is making sure we don’t select more speakers than we can fit in the agenda which is a hard job with so many good suggestions. He sometimes nags about budgets, but the committee usually doesn’t care.