About NDC

NDC conferences are currently running in Oslo (since 2008), London (since 2013) and Sydney (from 2016)

About NDC

Since its start-up in Oslo 2008, the Norwegian Developers Conference (NDC) quickly became one of Europe`s largest conferences for .NET & Agile development. Today NDC Conferences are 5-day events with 2 days of pre-conference workshops and 3 days of conference sessions.

NDC London

In December 2013 NDC did the first NDC London conference. The conference was a huge success and we are happy to announce that the 6th NDC London is set to happen the week of 28 Jan - 1 Feb 2019.

NDC London 2019 is a full week event with Pre-Conference Workshops on 28-29 Jan and the actual conference on 30 Jan -1 Feb.

Workshop Venue: ETC.Venues County Hall

Conference Venue: The Queen Elizabeth II Centre