Workshop: JavaScript, Typescript, Angular2, and Cross Platform dev.

Can’t avoid JavaScript, but can avoid all the pain! This course turns your hacker level JavaScript skills into a professional developer skills. It then teaches you Typescript, followed by Angular2. And then wraps up by teaching you how to write cross platform mobile apps using Cordova, and cross platform desktop apps using Electron.

Write once, run everywhere – is finally possible. Enterprises faced with the challenge of multiple platforms, are struggling to move their classical Microsoft development skills into a cross platform world, and the simplest bridge there is JavaScript. JavaScript has made write once and run everywhere. But it is not trivial, and there is plenty to learn before you can be productive.

This course introduces you to Visual Studio Code and NPM based development, followed by advanced JavaScript. Once you master JavaScript, we move on to TypeScript. With a mastery on Typescript, we learn Angular2 using Typescript. And with the knowledge of Angular2, we learn writing, debugging and maintaining Cordova and Electron apps using TypeScript and Angular2 in VSCode.

At the end of this course, you will be able to write Angular2 applications on any platform, web, mobile, or desktop.

Attendees must have working knowledge of JavaScript

Computer setup
Attendees must bring their own laptop.